Why Install Hardwood Flooring in the Winter?

When’s the best time of year to install hardwood flooring? The answer will surprise you, but snow is here and winter is the ideal season to lay down new hardwood floors.

Installing new hardwood floors is a job that usually only needs done once in a generation, as a well-maintained floor can last for a century or longer with regular maintenance, so it is not one to be taken lightly. Improper installation or maintenance can cause boards to become cracked, cupped, or warped; and excess moisture can cause mold and mildew, plus it turns nails to rust. But with a little know-how, you can measure twice, cut once, and install perfectly beautiful new hardwood floors, even in the dead of winter.

Here’s a few reasons to consider installing new hardwood floors this winter.

Dry, icy winds

What’s bad for the weather forecast is great for hardwood floors. Winter’s lower humidity level prevents boards from expanding or contracting as they absorb moisture from the air. This reduces the likelihood of warping, and virtually eliminates the risk of mold or mildew forming between your floor and subfloor.

If you’re cold, they’re cold

Hardwood flooring should always be properly acclimated to the environment prior to installation. Removing the planks from the packaging and exposing them to the open air in your home for 24 hours before installation gives the wood time to adjust to normal humidity levels, preventing the need for future repairs.

Mind the gap(s)

Homeowners who install new hardwood during the warmer months are often shocked to discover gaps in their perfectly laid flooring come wintertime. This happens when boards dry out and contract, shrinking due to the loss of moisture. A winter installation solves this problem by laying the floor when the boards have acclimated to the dry air, leaving plenty of room for expansion in warmer (and wetter) weather.

Easier scheduling

Most industries have their slow season, and in construction and the building trades, things start winding down when the temperatures drop. You’ll find that scheduling a new flooring installation during the winter months is often easier than other times of the year, because, well, we’ve got time on our hands.

Ready for a warm-up?

Once you’ve laid your new hardwood floors comes the fun part: area rug shopping. Putting down a seasonal rug or two during the winter months helps to make hardwood feel warm and soft when it’s cold outside. Placing a runner down your hallway will cut down on noisy footsteps in high traffic areas. And don’t forget doormats! Placing one on either side of your entrance doors cuts down on the amount of snow that gets tracked in and keeps you from doing extra housekeeping.  If you’re ready to beat the winter chill with some new hardwood floors, give us a call or click the free consultation button above to schedule your in-home shopping appointment today or visit us at any of our four northeast Ohio locations!