The Best Flooring For Your Kid’s Bedroom

When it comes to picking the best flooring for your kids’ bedroom, anything goes. You’ll never be surprised as long as you expect the flooring in your children’s’ bedroom to be bombarded by spills, stains, scuffs, scratches, markers, crayons, dust, and dirt, and plan accordingly. 

Of course, no plan is foolproof when you’re talking about kids, but there are a few details to think about when choosing a flooring material:

1. Age – There’s no all-ages flooring, but infants and toddlers will benefit from the safety cushion of softer flooring. Softness matters less as kids get older, but stain-resistance and allergenic tendencies are other important factors to consider.

2. Upstairs or Downstairs? – If your child’s bedroom is on the second floor, carpet (or a heavy rug) will muffle footsteps and isolate sound between rooms.

3. Homeownership goals – Trying to flip a house before you turn 30? Renovating a classic Tudor? Your particular home repair or renovation plans should influence your choices. For instance, you wouldn’t tear out antique hardwood to install carpet if your 5-year goal is to sell the home. Make sure your flooring choice aligns with your long-term homeownership goals.

Best Flooring Materials for Kids’ Bedrooms

Stick a Cork in it

This is no joke. Cork flooring is a naturally soft and anti-microbial material that straddles the line between hardwood and carpet for a sturdy yet comfortable floor that’ll stand up to years of playtime. Cork’s natural softness protects kids from falls and gives it a springy underfoot feeling and increased slip resistance compared to hardwood, making it an easy choice for rambunctious young ones. Its anti-microbial properties prevent the collection of mold and other allergens, giving it the edge above carpeting in homes with allergies. The main drawback to cork is that it can be damaged by rough play, though this can be avoided with replaceable cork tiles. 

Second Story Carpet

If your kids’ room is on the second story of your home, you’ll appreciate carpet’s sound deadening capabilities. Installing carpet in your upstairs bedroom muffles those midnight footsteps and creates a warm and cozy room your kids won’t mind crashing in until it’s time for college. But comfort comes at a price: without regular cleaning, carpet traps dirt and moisture than can turn into mold and other allergens, making it less-than-ideal for those with severe allergies or the immunocompromised. Also, carpet stains can become permanent if not treated quickly.

Kid-Friendly Hardwood

A well-maintained hardwood floor can last generations, making it a valid choice for any bedroom at any age. To make hardwood a little more kid-friendly, consider a plush area rug, stuffed animals, beanbags, or other age-appropriate decorations. Not only is hardwood going to increase the value of your home, it’s also the only flooring material that will last long enough for your grandchildren to appreciate. Cleaning hardwood is as easy as pushing a broom or a dry mop, and the floor’s surface can go 20-30 years between sanding and refinishing for unbeatable durability. If you like the appearance of hardwood, but need something with extra water resistance, there are a number of vinyl and laminate options which use 3-D printing for realistic wood textures on a linoleum budget. Planning a child’s bedroom project? Give us a call at (888) SHOP-123 to speak with one of our friendly flooring experts who’ll help you find the right material at the right price to meet your bedroom flooring needs from ages zero to adult.