New Roof Shingles Before Winter

Northeast Ohio’s icy winter winds will be blowing before we know it. You wouldn’t leave the house without a hat when the temperatures are freezing so don’t let Old Man Winter huff, puff, and blow the top off of your house. If you haven’t inspected your roof for damage recently, you’re risking a long winter of high energy bills, mold and mildew accumulation, and if something goes wrong, you’re looking at expensive emergency repairs in below-freezing temperatures.

Beyond protecting you and your family from the elements, your roof provides curb appeal, improves air quality, and contributes to your home’s structural integrity. We covered how to know when it’s time to replace your shingles in a previous blog post, but generally speaking, you can expect to install a new roof every 20-30 years. If your neighbors are replacing their roofs, chances are yours is next in line. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the best reasons why you should consider installing new shingles on your roof before winter arrives.

1. New Shingles Increase Your Property Value – If you expect to sell your home over the next decade, installing new shingles is one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make. In fact, it might even help you close the sale. In a 2019 survey, 33% of realtors agreed that a new roof helped them make the sale, noting that buyers prefer move-in-ready properties over fixer-uppers.

2. New Shingles are a Smart Investment – Compared to other renovation projects, new shingles have a high return on investment. In addition to helping you save money on energy bills, new shingles will net you a higher price on the housing market, helping you earn a profit.

3. Modern Shingles Save $$$ on Energy Bills – Besides the clear advantages of keeping you warm and dry, today’s shingles are manufactured from high-tech materials designed to reflect heat away from your house, saving your HVAC system from extraneous operation, keeping you comfortable, and saving money on heating and cooling bills.

4. Improved Air Quality – Aging shingles can warp and crack, creating gaps where moisture can build up, causing mold and mildew, or worse–wildlife can enter through these gaps, leaving you with a hefty pest control bill. When you inspect your shingles for signs of wear, it’s a good idea to check your chimney flashing, too, as a gap here is practically an invitation to rodents looking for a warm place to hibernate.

5. Extra Curb Appeal – Older roofs start looking shabby as they age and before you know it, your roof is all over the neighborhood Nextdoor feed. A well-installed roof can last up to 30 years, and if the homes in your neighborhood were built during the same time period, it’s conventional wisdom to replace your shingles when your neighbors do.

6. Structural Integrity – Installing new shingles gives you an opportunity to assess your roof’s overall structural integrity and address any potential issues before they become severe. Exposure to the elements weakens structures over time, so use this chance to inspect for rotting lumber and other signs of weakness that could cause the roof to collapse. Taking the time to check now will save you from a whole lot of stress later. Is your roof showing signs of wear? Or maybe you’d like to save money on heating bills this winter? No matter the reason, Dan’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring is thrilled to offer premium Owens Corning shingles to homeowners here in Northeast Ohio. Give us a call or click the free consultation button to find out how we can help you beat the elements today!