Kitchen Renovation Trends for 2021

Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving menu or stocking up on canned goods to hunker down at home this winter, the kitchen is always buzzing with activity this time of year. In the time of meal prepped work-from-home lunches and snacking during Zoom classes, more homeowners than ever are renovating their kitchens with bold countertops, bright statement colors, warm hardwood tones, and wall-to-wall cabinetry for good times and good eats. Our list of kitchen renovation trends for 2021 comes with tips to make your kitchen the inviting, cozy, and efficient center of your culinary life.

2021: A Quartz Odyssey

Move over, Marble. Quartz countertops are one of 2021’s top kitchen renovations because they provide a refined high-end look without the price tag, durability, or maintenance concerns of marble slab counters. In addition to their easy maintenance and good looks, quartz countertops generate a high return on investment if and when you decide to sell your home.

Big, Bright Backsplashes

Make your backsplash the center of attention with textured or patterned tile designs on your walls. Advances in 3D printing and imaging technology are producing decorative tiles in finishes that were unimaginable even five years ago, so you can find a backsplash tile solution for any kitchen design.

Wall-To-Wall Coverage

If you’re after a clean, clutter-free kitchen, wall-to-wall cabinetry is the way to go. Other kitchen cabinet trends to look out for in 2021 include warm wood-toned colors, bold shades of statement colors like rich blues, deep greens, orange, yellow, even matte black. On the design front, minimalist designs with clean lines and handless designs that shave off bells and whistles to maximize the available cabinet space will remain popular throughout 2021.

Heavy Metal

In plumbing design, light fixtures, and cabinetry hardware, metal rocks. Flourishes in gold, silver, brass, and other metals can make a subtle (or not-so-subtle) statement in the kitchen.

Future Islands

In the future, kitchens have two islands. If you have the space, doubling up on kitchen islands gives you counter space for kitchen prep, a breakfast buffet, extra seating, and more cabinet or shelf space for kitchen gadgets.

Create Space with Neutrals

If your kitchen is cramped, make room with cabinetry or walls in neutral shades of beige, grey, or white which will reflect light and give your kitchen an airy, open feel, even if the walls are practically closing in.

Soft Edges

As pediatricians can confirm, the sharp corners of kitchen islands, cabinets, and their hardware sits right at eye-level for young children. Not only do rounded corners help keep kitchens childproof, they look wonderful, as well. The soft edges have a warm and inviting feel, and we proudly endorse any product that prevents lots of tears, a trip to the doctor, and a wicked shiner. If you’re making big kitchen plans for 2021, give us a call or click above to schedule your free in-home shopping appointment, or visit any of our four Northeast Ohio locations!