Kitchen Design Trends

An attractive and well-organized kitchen is a must-have for anyone who enjoys cooking at home. With so many design options available, planning and designing your kitchen project can be overwhelming. Interior design trends are always changing and it’s difficult to predict which styles will remain timeless while others become outdated fads. Here are a few classic yet current design trends to get the ball rolling on your kitchen remodeling project. 

  1. Matching Countertops and Backsplashes – Matching your countertops with the backsplash creates a sleek, streamlined look for your kitchen. Imagine your kitchen wall with a solid panel of decorative quartz, granite, or marble integrated seamlessly into your countertop workspace for a practical, modern style. Check out our previous blog to learn more about which countertop is best for your kitchen.
  2. Slab Backsplashes – Using a solid slab of quartz, granite, or marble for your kitchen backsplash instead of tile is an easy way to give your kitchen a unique and classy look that’s also functional and easy to maintain. Since there’s no grout involved, slab backsplashes are easier to clean than tile, plus the sturdy stone surface resists scratches and stains. Also, since there’s less cutting required, a slab backsplash can be installed more quickly than tile, saving you money in labor costs. 
  3. Dark Countertops – Earth tones and natural materials are in for 2020, which makes now the perfect time to consider coordinating your countertops with darker-hued hardwood or luxury vinyl tile flooring for classic comfort, carefree maintenance, and lasting visual appeal. Check out our blogs on the pros and cons of installing hardwood flooring in your kitchen and the benefits of luxury vinyl tile flooring to see which is right for your kitchen upgrade. 
  4. Contemporary Color – The future is here, and it is bright! Adding a splash of modern color to kitchen cabinetry is an eye-popping upgrade that makes a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your home. Cabinetry manufacturers offer a dazzling array of finishes to make any statement imaginable, and even neutral colors like grey, blue, white, and taupe can add personality to a kitchen that seems a little dull. Better yet, some cabinets can be repainted again and again, so your kitchen color palette never goes out of style. We offer a huge selection of kitchen cabinets from farmhouse to contemporary so your kitchen storage is always stylish!

Cabinetry, flooring, countertops, tile, hardwood, laminate – there’s a lot to consider when you’re planning a big kitchen project. But no matter what your interior design style, Dan’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring is your one stop shop for home renovations. We’ve got thousands of items in stock from top manufacturers; experienced, friendly, and professional installers, plus our sales team knows their way around the hottest kitchen design trends. 

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