Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

For many of us, 2020 was the year of the kitchen. We stayed in (and ordered out) more than anyone could have predicted, got super into meal prep, and our grocery lists got longer as we stocked up on pantry goods and ordered new kitchen appliances. With more people buying in bulk and cooking at home than ever before, kitchen renovations are increasingly popular heading into 2021 as we seek to transform these spaces into offices, bakeries, schools, juice bars, ice cream parlors, and you guessed it – functional and well-organized kitchens. Looking ahead at the end of this unprecedented year, experts predict that 2021’s kitchen trends will include warm, cozy colors, well-lit workspaces, extra shelving, and a whole lot of counter space. Keep reading to learn about some of 2021’s upcoming kitchen design trends.

Neutral Colors

Kitchens are multipurpose spaces for cooking, serving food, entertaining, board games, crafting, homework, zoom meetings, and anything else you need to do. You need a color palette that’s as versatile as your kitchen – that means neutral colors. While white remains far and away the most popular color scheme for kitchens, PPG’s 2021 palette of the year is heavy on beige, with natural accent tones like aqua blue, deep greens, or dark earthy burgundy–cozy colors inspired by nature to keep you feeling cool and comfortable indoors.

Super-Size Me

In 2021, everything in the kitchen will be bigger than everything else. Cabinets, cupboards, countertops, kitchen islands, shelves, and kitchen floorspace itself will continue to grow as kitchens adapt to new grocery shopping and food storage habits. As kitchens grow to accommodate new utensils, ingredients, and appliances, shelving and organization will be a popular trend in the new year. Many households are installing chest freezers for extra long-term food storage, building bigger kitchens as a result.

Bright Lights

If you haven’t posted your meal prep to Instagram, have you really meal prepped? Maybe not everyone’s a food blogger who needs studio-quality lighting, but with increased daily activity in the kitchen for everything from work-at-home snacks to conference calls, the need for updated kitchen lighting has never been higher. In 2021, expect to see undercabinet accent lights, swing-arm fixtures, sconce lighting, smart lights, and more to help you see clearly whether you’re working at the cutting board or on your laptop. 

Everything In its Right Place

The most dramatic and lingering effect of the past year going forward will be an emphasis on kitchen storage and pantry organization. As homeowners seek to maximize space and reduce countertop clutter, expect to see custom cabinetry, open shelving, cupboard organizers, spice racks, shelving units, coffee bars, storage carts, kitchen islands, and other organization methods rise to the top spot of homeowner’s list of “must haves.”

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