Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Are you thinking about replacing or upgrading your old kitchen cabinets? Overall, kitchen cabinetry designs haven’t changed much over the years, but there are a number of modern design flourishes that can turn your old kitchen cabinets from an irritating eyesore to, “I can’t believe this is the same kitchen!”

At Dan’s Wholesale Carpet and Flooring, we’re thrilled to carry a wide range of kitchen cabinets to complete any interior design plan. We have classic Hickory, Cherry, Oak, and Maple cabinets available in traditional flat center panel, raised center panel, Shaker, and slab designs ready and waiting to be installed in your kitchen by our team of friendly and experienced professional installers.

Or, if you’re looking to design a kitchen that’s a little off the beaten path, we offer start-to-finish service to help you find the right cabinetry, whether it comes off the production line or is custom built to your specifications.

Here are a few kitchen cabinet design trends that are popular in 2020:

  1. Make A Statement With Custom Hardware – Installing custom handles on your kitchen cabinets can completely transform your kitchen. Many homeowners are choosing to install upgraded hardware on their new kitchen cabinets for a one-of-a-kind look that’s easy to attain. Crystal knobs and metal pull-rings are popular choices, or you could browse your local secondhand shops for thriftstore-chic hardware that fits your style. 
  2. Wood Warmth – Nostalgia for ‘90s inspired design is bringing wooden cabinetry back for 2020. Walnut, Hickory, Cherry, and Oak cabinets create a warm, traditional look that integrates seamlessly with modern design elements like slab backsplashes, retro appliances, or glass. Wood’s calming texture and cozy earth tones make it an easy design choice for a kitchen that’ll always be in style. 
  3. Custom Color Cabinetry – Not into neutral earth tones? Today’s cabinetry and paint manufacturers have got you covered. Lighter shades of white and beige remain the popular (and safe) choice, but a blue or green kitchen isn’t the head-scratcher it used to be. Aquatic greens and sea blues are popping up in modern kitchens, and even darker shades of navy blue can work with the right interior design plan. 
  4. Party in the Pantry – With a well-stocked pantry, stay-at-home chefs can whip up an unforgettable meal using whatever ingredients are around. You can’t go wrong including a pantry in your kitchen cabinet game plan to hold those midnight snacks or to keep ingredients on-hand for when you don’t feel like ordering takeout. Modern pantries offer a variety of storage options, including shelves, in-door racks, and drawers, so you can configure your pantry cabinet to meet your family’s grocery list and appetite. 
  5. Light The Way – LED lighting installed underneath your cabinetry is a stealthy and eco-friendly way to improve your countertop workspace lighting and enhance the overall ambiance in your kitchen. Best of all, LEDs are available in a number of colors and hardware configurations, so you can mix and match lights to achieve your desired effect. 

What features and design elements are you looking for in your new cabinets? The friendly cabinetry experts at our Canton Superstore on Whipple Avenue are ready and waiting to help you whip up the wonderful kitchen cabinets you deserve. So, give us a call or schedule a FREE consultation to get the ball rolling on your latest kitchen project!