Current Flooring Trends

One area of home remodeling in which trends seem to change fastest is flooring. If you’re planning to remodel your home in the near future and want to give your home the freshest and most stylish look on the market, you need to be familiar with the latest flooring trends as we turn the calendar to 2020. While tastes vary for each person, the following are some of the latest flooring trends.


  1. Gray Wood Flooring

Gray wood flooring, whether hardwood or vinyl, has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks in large part to its versatility with so many decorating styles. Gray wood flooring fits in nicely with casual, modern, transitional decorating styles in a way that many colors can not. This color of wood flooring is also popular with many people because it reminds them of the beach, due to its similarity in color to sand.


  1. Exotic Species Floors

If you’re looking for a more exotic or lively look, you may want to consider wood flooring from tropical wood species. These wood types include Iroko, Brazilian Cherry, and Wenge. These wood species come from a variety of tropical areas and can be exactly what is needed to give your room the pop for which you’re looking.


  1. Wood Look Tiles

These tiles have an incredibly realistic wood look and come in many colors and styles. As mentioned earlier in this blog, gray and other light colors are popular right now but there is almost no limit on the colors available, so you can be sure you’ll find one to best complement the rest of the flooring in your home. Wood look tiles are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways.


  1. Natural or Recycled Products

As homeowners continue to become more environmentally aware, natural or recycled products such as reclaimed wood continue to grow in popularity. Naturally renewable products, such as bamboo or cork, can also be used throughout the entire house and are easy to install, while also being extremely durable. These products are a great way to improve the look of your home while also doing your part to help the planet.


  1. Carpet

Despite the ever-expanding selection of flooring products on the market, carpet remains popular among homeowners. Carpet is still the main choice for bedrooms and living rooms thanks to its softness and warmth. As carpet remains a common choice for homeowners, the colors, designs, and patterns available continue to change as interior design styles change. You can add just as much style with carpet as you can with hardwood flooring, as long as you choose the right carpet for your room.


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