Best Carpets for High-Traffic Areas

Best Carpets for High-Traffic Areas


If you’re planning on upgrading to new carpet in your home, and have started researching various carpet types and colors, you know that there’s a nearly unlimited number of options on the market. Different types of carpet are better for different rooms or areas of the house and that must be accounted for when choosing your new carpet. For example, if the carpet is going to be in a high-traffic area of the house, you’re going to need a much more durable carpet than a lesser trafficked area.


The two main factors that determine the durability of a carpet are its density and fiber type. In terms of the density, the more dense the carpet is, the more durable it will be. To test the density of the carpet, you can press your fingers down on the carpet in order to see how much of the backing you can reach. The harder it is to reach the backing, the more dense the carpet.


Additionally, the fiber type of a carpet will determine the longevity, feel, and cost of a carpet. Below are four types of carpet we sell here at Dan’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring and why each could be a good fit for the high-traffic areas of your home.


Polyester Carpet

Polyester carpeting is one of the most popular choices for high-traffic areas of your home, thanks to it being a natural fiber. While this option may not be as durable as wool or nylon, technological improvements are being made to increase the durability closer to the level of wool and nylon. However, the lower price that results from eco-friendly production of polyester carpet often makes it a more appealing option compared to wool or nylon. Another positive of polyester carpet is the fact that it’s stain-resistant due to it being composed of closed-cell fibers.


Wool Carpet

Wool is the most commonly used natural fiber carpet on the market and is known for resistance to dirt. Due to its biodegradable composition, wool carpet is also fire-resistant which makes it a great option for rooms with a fireplace. A downside of wool carpet, however, is its high level of absorbancy which makes quick cleaning of the carpet very important following any type of liquid spill.


Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpet is the most durable and resilient synthetic fiber carpet on the market and is great for areas of the home that are high-traffic or are occupied by kids or pets. This is because nylon carpet is very resistant to dirt. However, this type of carpet is also very absorbent which makes it important to clean up spills in a timely manner. Additionally, nylon carpet is cost-efficient with options at many different price points.


Olefin Carpet

Olefin carpet is made from a synthetic fiber that has a wool-like appearance. This type of carpet is extremely stain resistant as well as mold resistant and quick-drying. Olefin carpet is also less expensive than many types of carpet. However, with this lower price comes a lower level of durability. Many homeowners use this type of carpet in basements, due to its mold resistant nature but stay away from using it in kitchens or living rooms due to it being less resistant to soil and oils than many other carpet types.


In order to decide which carpet is the best fit for your home, it’s important to know the difference between the various types of carpet. For high-traffic areas of the home, polyester, wool, nylon, or olefin are the best choices due to their durability and resistance to stains. While the best choice for your home may depend on which room the carpet will be in, the four types listed above are all possible options for high-traffic areas.


When you’re ready for new carpet in a high-traffic area or any other area of your home, give Dan’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring a call or visit any of our Northeast Ohio locations. Our wholesale pricing will ensure you get the look you want at the price you want. Remember, nobody beats wholesale!