5 Tips for Carpet Shopping

How complicated could new carpet installation really be? You’d be surprised. The Washington Post reports that the big chain stores will often change product names from those given by the manufacturer–making direct comparison shopping all but impossible. Some carpet warranties stipulate the guarantee is only valid if installed by a professional. So much for DIY.  And then there’s the measurement issue. Often the biggest complaint customers have about their new carpet is that their salesperson overmeasured the square footage of their house and sold them more carpet than necessary. Shopping for carpet doesn’t have to be difficult. Keep reading for our carpet shopping tips.

1. Pad Your Budget

Home improvement projects are always more expensive than you think. Sticker shock can be discouraging at first, but it’s important to remember that splurging just a tiny bit on higher quality materials can save you tons of money on maintenance and replacement costs down the line. But when it comes to carpet shopping, first-time buyers often make the mistake of spending big on luxury carpet when the real mark of quality is what lies beneath…

2. Go Big on Padding

It’s easy to be upsold a heavier carpet or cash-in on a promotional deal, but when it comes to carpet, padding does the heavy lifting. If budget is a concern, investing in a higher quality underpad will provide a strong supportive cushion that lends your carpet the structural integrity it needs to stand up to years of foot traffic, helping your carpet hold its shape, which makes it last longer and saves you money.

3. Measure Twice, Cut Out Unnecessary Carpet

Before you start on your carpet shopping trip, take your own measurements. Calculating how much carpet you need is a little more complicated than just measuring square footage–factors like the direction of the carpet pile and width of the specific carpet roll you select will eventually determine how much carpet you need–and these details can’t be addressed until you’ve decided on a carpet style. But taking your own measurements gives you a reasonable ballpark figure to reference while you shop. Take special care to include any stairs and railings that will be carpeted, as these areas require special labor and tools for a professional quality installation. Having your own measurements (including stairs and railings) helps you arrive at an accurate figure when it’s time to buy.

4.  Be Compatible with Your Carpet

Do you have kids? Pets? Are you a gardener? How concerned are you about fading? What’s the climate? These facts about your lifestyle plus your personal taste determine which carpet is really best for you. If you know you’ll be tracking in a lot of mud from outdoors, then a practical Frieze carpet is the way to go compared to, say, a zebra rug. In carpet, function takes the lead over form, and customer satisfaction comes at the crossroads of style and substance.

5. Visit or Call Today for Everyday Wholesale Pricing

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